Im rehathleticum erwartet Sie ein breit aufgestelltes Team aus qualifizierten, ambitionierten und zertifizierten Therapeuten, Sportwissenschaftlern und Rezeptionsfachkräfte.

Inhaber Fabian Kittmann und sein Team schöpfen aus einem Erfahrungsschatz aus über einem Jahrzehnt im professionellen Leistungssport und der Betreuung von Top-Athleten aus aller Welt.

In-house and external seminars, the incorporation of the latest practical techniques, as well as our research work, ensure the consistently high quality of the services offered. Our training center drives innovation in the areas of injury prevention, rehabilitation, and load enhancement.

rezeption / verwaltung


To achieve the best possible results for our patients, we involve external experts. Together with specialists, nutritionists, psychologists, and interdisciplinary experts, we have created a unique network that guarantees the best possible care for our national and international patients. 

At the rehathleticum, the work doesn’t just begin in the treatment room. Starting at the first contact, to booking an appointment and welcoming you at our front desk, we do everything possible to make you feel well taken care of, from the very beginning and during every visit!